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Perfect for at home or on the go

Infant Car Seat Station

With Soothing Vibration

GoTo Folding Infant Car Seat Cradle & Stand w/ Soothing Vibration by Phoenix Baby – Portable Vibrating Platform Keeps Your Baby Carseat Off the Ground

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Keeps baby up and away from pets, dirt, and floor drafts. Designed with safety in mind.

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Convienent when feeding at home or on the go without having to remove your baby from their car seat.

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The soothing vibration unit helps to mimic those midnight drives around the block, helping baby fall asleep quickly and easily.

2-in-1 Infant Car Seat

Station and High Chair

GoTo 2-in-1 Portable Travel High Chair by Phoenix Baby – Foldable, Space Saving Highchair & Car Seat Cradle for Restaurants, Camping, Vacations & Home

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Designed with safety straps, no-slip grips and locking braces, the 2-in-1 gives you peace of mind.

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You no longer need to wipe down those dirty, unsanitary restaurant high chairs.

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Grows with your child, from infant car seat to your toddler. The 2-in-1 will last for years to come.

This was a lifesaver for both my kids. My first child would only sleep in the car seat for the first 3 months. After months of blearily pushing a snap-n-go stroller back and forth in the bedroom at 3 AM, I discovered this infant car seat station with vibration and - Instant improvement in quality of life!

Lynn G.

Wow! I wish I had this item for my first child. The GoTo 2-in-1 Travel High Chair is much better, safer, and cleaner than using one of those disgusting wood restaurant high chairs upside down.

Clair B.

We bought this because we saw it as a great way to eliminate 1 piece of baby clutter in the house in addition to getting some car seat storage. It is a fantastic product that makes my life easier and is well worth the money. When I know I need to do errands and my daughter is due for a nap, she falls to sleep in the car seat and then we're good to go whenever I come home.

Morgan H.